Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Paying Client Meeting

I must preface this post by saying that it was nothing I thought it would be. I spoke to the potential client, and she was wonderful on the phone (they both were also wonderful in person). She gave me her address, and we planned a meeting for tonight. I took the address to school and printed off the directions, and then it all came back me...

This neighborhood was not a good one!!! I recognized the area, and on the way I could feel my "out-of-place self" trying to act tough while driving. I spoke with my friend Scott later, and he said "Pack! What the hell were you thinking??? We actually went down there bounty hunting, and a bondsman just got murdered not too far away the night before!" Okay, so he was right. It was not the right place for a young, white woman to be, but (in my defense) a pregnant woman felt safe to be there!

The interview was strange, and I was caught of guard multiple times. The husband asked all the questions not related to birth, for example "where do you see yourself in five to ten years?" and "explain how you got through a difficult time in your life". But, I had my "OH CRAP" moment when he asked "what is your religious affiliation?" I mean, are you kidding me??? Of all questions to ask me!!! Then he went on and on about the presence of Jesus Christ, and finally the paper quotes taped on the wall ALL over the house made sense. Those of you reading this, know my take on organized religion. I NEVER expected a religious discussion during a doula interview. I told them the truth, and that coupled with my divorce (yeah they asked that too) probably didn't seal the job or me. But, as I told them, I deal with things by saying "everything happens for a reason". So, not getting this job, could be a blessing in disguise. Her worry was that if she needed prayer during labor, that a non-religious doula may not be comfortable with that. Trust me, if I can handle all the other aspects of labor just fine, a little prayer would never hurt me! :)

So, this is another one of those experiences that I can log into my memory bank as adventurous and a learning opportunity.

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