Friday, March 14, 2008

All in One

So, this may be a random post..but aren't they all? I am resting in a sea of wine filled bliss after a LONG week, and am happy to finally be allowed some time to myself. I have narrowed the tattoo choice to two quotes, and would appreciate any input. The first is "penitus vires quod decor" or "inner strength and beauty" and "veritate el virtute" or "with truth and courage". I can't decide, and I am probably going to go and get this some time over my spring break. Like I said before, I do NOT take this lightly, but I am hoping to come to a final decision some time soon.

This week was such a terrible week...I am blaming the time change and spring fever, but it is hard to say. I LOVE my students, but when they seem like they are regressing instead of progressing, I worry. There is still so much time left in the school year...

I am also trying to tap into my creative side, and think of a good party for my students. They have become so interested in the Magic Treehouse books, due to my immersion, and we just completed the 12th chapter book. I feel like they should have a party to celebrate our "travels", but I am having a hard time thinking of things that would be appropriate. I LOVE to foster the enjoyment in reading, and I have already succeeded in that, but I also want them to celebrate with me.

Anyway, it is late, and I have not written in a long time, but I wanted to express emotions I am having right now. I hope that everyone reading this is swimming through the same bliss as me right now! :)

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