Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My inner child

Everyone has an inner child that still enjoys the things they did when young. I personally loved art and coloring, and recently had a strong urge to color in a coloring book. I watch my students color all the time. I sometimes can't understand why they just scribble all over their pictures, because coloring was always my favorite part of the work. I actually received a couple coloring books for my birthday, and one was Cinderella! :) Today I had free time (since I have no more school work) so I sat down and began coloring a picture. I swear I spent a couple hours trying to stay in every line, and fill every nook and cranny with color. I love taking a black and white drawing and filling it with whatever colors I desire...much like painting the world through my eyes. It felt amazing when I finished the picture! It was truly therapeutic for me to reconnect with my inner child. As corny as story lines for coloring books usually are, I loved what it said on the picture I colored, "She found true love with her prince because she had always kept a beautiful dream in her heart". How incredible is that?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Seeing the light

There are many things for me to be thankful for right now...finishing my master's degree, my loving boyfriend, and the kindness of strangers. I went to see Dave Matthews this weekend, and it was an amazing experience! I had never seen them live before, and I am eager to see them again. With the thousands and thousands of people there, the concert still felt like an intimate jam session that you were lucky enough to attend.

Reeling from an excellent concert, I was very excited to return, and finish the last of my school work and revel in FINALLY finishing my master's degree, the day before my birthday none-the-less. But, fate decided to throw a bit of a wrench in my best laid plans. I was in a car accident Saturday night. It was my first when driving, and a scene that I had previously imagined in what-if scenarios came true. Of course, my car had to be towed, and I am sitting here at my house with no transportation...waiting for the claims handler to call me back (LONG WAIT). But, the accident could not have been more comforting. Nobody was injured. The police officers were gentle and helpful as I stood there shaking like a leaf. Many people stopped to help by calling the police, and being witnesses to the accident not being my fault. I felt so blessed to have the support of complete strangers. Justin came to the scene to pick me up and help out as much as he could. As soon as I saw his truck pull up, I felt safe and not so alone. He has been such a blessing in my life, and just when I needed him the most, he was there without hesitation.

When everything seems to be going perfectly, it is hard to stay upbeat when a curve ball is thrown. But, it was easier in this situation for me to "see the light" because of the kindness I felt first hand. No matter what negative signs of humanity are on display in the world, I was witness to the beauty humanity still brings, and for that I am thankful.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Healthy Dose of Disorder

I guess I have always been an organizer, or rather effective at time management. Especially in the past two years, I have had to plan each week just to get everything done. I didn't realize how much the organization had seeped from my professional to personal life. Routine and remedy in the times of chaos. My boyfriend, while organized, lets a little disorder shine through. I will perfectly place the pillows on his bed, he will watch me and then roughly dismantle my assembly. All I can do is smile. He recognizes my compelling urge to straighten and have things in their correct place. He makes a point to draw attention to my analness, and redirect my focus. Personally, I love it! :) While it may seem frustrating to some, it is exactly what I need. It is difficult when habits form, and routines are established to break away and just let go. Most of the time I do not realize what I am doing until it comes apart. He taught my "old" dog a new trick, and it seems that he is teaching me one as well...the art of healthy disorder.