Thursday, December 6, 2007

Will it be better?

I finally had a meeting this morning with a parent that I had needed to see since the beginning of the year. I knew that her life is not easy, so I did not fault her for having limited availability. We discussed her child's behavior and academic issues, and then the conference took an unexpected turn. She said that they are planning to move back to Mexico in January or February. Her husband and the father of her children had been deported last year, which forced her to start working to support three children. The father was physically abusive to the children's mother on many occasions. All the children were witnesses. I can't imagine how difficult her life must be here to even consider going back to the man that treated her in such a way. So here is my question...will it be better? I am not the one to answer, nor could I, so my heart just aches for her heavy decisions.

Here are my thoughts for her...

Be strong in your decisions,
as they sometimes can not be taken back.
Continue to hold on to your little ones,
as they will shape our future.
Know that your struggles,
were never in vain.
Rest with a peaceful heart,
as home hopefully takes away your pain.

* Thank you M.C. for helping to make this family's Christmas bright*

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