Sunday, December 16, 2007

Where do I find a friendship rule book?

A friend of mine posted a new blog entry on MySpace. As I have not had much time to catch up with everyone, I enjoy reading their blogs to see how people are doing. His blog was harsh, and I know it was partially directed at me. He is disappointed that his friends are not calling back or keeping in touch as he would see fit. He ended the entry saying that if those people (including me) didn't make an effort then they can consider themselves no longer his friend. I was pretty shocked, hurt, and mystified. I know its hard for everyone to keep in touch, especially this time of the year. I will sometimes go several weeks without talking to some of my close friends, but when we do chat its like no time has passed. I was not sure what to say in response to his entry, and I am sure that my witty yet snide comment probably will not be taken well. But, in my heart, when people are true friends, time is not a factor. If my friends are too busy or have a lot going on, I am not going to punish them or say they are no longer my friend just to make myself feel better. Am I wrong? Does a true friendship have guidelines, rules, and/or restrictions? Are we all labeled with expiration dates? My first instinct is to lay this friendship to rest, and not think twice about it. But, I have never been considered a bad friend to anyone (that I know of) and trying to understand his accusations is disheartening.

Here's the silver did make me think of a friend that I really do need to give a Pache, listen out for your ringer! :)

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patience said...

oh dear....i would be totally screwed if all my friends were like the myspace dude....i know, you should be listening for a ring on your end too old friend!