Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let it SNOW!

I woke up this morning with the hopes that the weather people were drastically wrong, and I could witness the first blanket of snow for the year. Alas, they were right. Although, I could smell it in the air. The day progressed without as much as a snowflake. The kids came off the bus, and we got settled into our morning routine. One of my students brought in a book for me to read this morning called, "The Big Snow". I began reading the story, and as if on cue, I caught the first sign of snow out of the corner of my eye. I glanced briefly at the window as I was turning the page, and a child (who never pays attention) actually followed my gaze, and yelled, "IT'S SNOWING!" Then the insanity of the first snowfall began. I couldn't even mask my own excitement, as I tried to lasso my class and pull them back into the story.

As a teacher, the excitement of the possibility of snow never fades. I doubt that my enthusiasm would wane even if I were not a teacher. I relish in watching the quiet snowflakes fall to the ground, and create a beautiful stillness. The past two years have been such a disappointment, as I would be content with just one good snowfall. In college, the first snowfall brought a whole other type of excitement. My sorority's mascot is a rabbit, so for the first accumulating snowfall we would all meet in front of the sorority dorms at 6:00am, and become "snow bunnies". This entailed all of us in the snow in our bikinis. The local paper, and about every fraternity showed up for this annual event.

There is something so magical with snow, and this pitiful snowfall today only increased my desire. So, from one snow lover to another, LET IT SNOW!

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