Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My inner child

Everyone has an inner child that still enjoys the things they did when young. I personally loved art and coloring, and recently had a strong urge to color in a coloring book. I watch my students color all the time. I sometimes can't understand why they just scribble all over their pictures, because coloring was always my favorite part of the work. I actually received a couple coloring books for my birthday, and one was Cinderella! :) Today I had free time (since I have no more school work) so I sat down and began coloring a picture. I swear I spent a couple hours trying to stay in every line, and fill every nook and cranny with color. I love taking a black and white drawing and filling it with whatever colors I desire...much like painting the world through my eyes. It felt amazing when I finished the picture! It was truly therapeutic for me to reconnect with my inner child. As corny as story lines for coloring books usually are, I loved what it said on the picture I colored, "She found true love with her prince because she had always kept a beautiful dream in her heart". How incredible is that?

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