Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Beginning of a New School Year

Unless you are a teacher, I truly do not believe one can understand the amount of stress associated with the beginning of a new school year. Last week I was panicked that my room would not be ready, and I would not be fully equipped to accept 20 new students into my classroom. I had my mini-breakdown on the phone with my boyfriend. I know it was something he had not seen from me before, and I truly didn't understand why I was so emotional, but I knew I had to release it. This week has left my body exhausted like I have spent every day competing in a triathlon. As soon as my mind is able to shut down for the day, my body just goes with it. I am not sure why a new school year is so difficult, and I know after my years of teaching that everything will plateau in a month, but October seems so far away right now. It might be because of the intricate details I must attend to such as teaching them how to line up, walk through the halls, and use their pencil box properly. It is trying to figure out what makes every child tick, and how I can relate to them, and better instruct them for the rest of the year. So far (fingers crossed) I have no major behavior issues in my class. This is the first year in a long time that I have not had either a clinically psychotic child, or a gang member in my class (all joking aside). I find this so refreshing, but I am afraid to get too excited because the population of my classroom is forever changing. I have an adorable group of children that have so much personality and so many gifts that will help to make my year a unique and special one. I look forward to their hugs each day, and their smiling faces when we are doing something enjoyable. I also look at the first students I had at my current school, now in third grade, always saying hi to me and giving me hugs. I feel so much older when I see how grown up they are. I know that next week will be better, and the weeks after that will improve once we all figure things out. So, if you see a teacher today, give her a reassuring smile because she is surely in need of an energy boost.

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