Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To Be or Not To Be

I recently had a conversation about personality types. I know that many people, through at least half of our lives, try to find out who we are. Some turn to psychics (RIP Betty), some turn to astrology, while others seek meaning through friends and family. I had a get together at my house a couple years back, and conversation turned to the Meyers Briggs personality test. I had never taken one before, and being the usual skeptic that I am, I questioned its authenticity. Evidently pretty much everyone at the party had taken the test, and raved at the results. They spoke of how "dead on" the results were, and how beneficial they might be when getting to know someone or trying to understand the way someone is. So, I caved and took the test. The results showed that I am an INFJ. For those that do not know this personality type, I recommend a google search. I too was impressed by the results. It didn't give me new-found clarity, but it did put some aspects of my personality into words. It is rather difficult to describe your personality... sometimes a plethora of non-descriptive adjectives just doesn't cut it.

I do believe that people's personalities change over time, but some core values always remain the same. We are who we are, and as life takes those famous twists and turns, how we handle each situation depends on the type of personality we have. I do not put all my eggs into the Meyers Briggs basket, but it is an actual online test that is not as pointless as some (ex. true love quizzes). :) Some of us will constantly examine and reexamine who we are throughout our lives. We know ourselves best, even when the occasional denial sets in. I have found that the most important aspect of soul searching is to always be true to yourself, and what you want projected to the world. If you are not projecting the person you want to be, then choose...to be or not to be your best self.

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