Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Male Doula"

I received an email through my Richmond Doula network about a new movie that is being made starring Vince Vaughn. He is a comedy genius in my opinion, and I have liked pretty much every movie he has ever starred in. Well, evidently, if the rumor mill is true, Vince came up with the idea to star as a male doula in a comedy film! Can you believe it? The concept of a doula going so mainstream, and promoted by a male at that, is really surreal to me. I am so used to saying I am a doula, and then people saying..."a what?" I doubt that would be the case anymore if this movie is actually released nationwide.

I have no problems with a comedy that pokes fun at one of my passions. I just hope that this is done in a tasteful way. I think its great that doulas could get more press, but I would like for them to be represented well overall. Any thoughts???

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