Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter...oh, winter...Where are you?

Living in Richmond, VA you would think that we would have the best of both worlds, winter from the north and warm temperatures from the south. An opportunity to relish in the changing of every season. Well, we seem to only have three seasons; spring, summer, and fall. I diligently leave my "let it snow" door wreath up for the entire winter, cheer when Phil sees his shadow, and stay glued to the ever changing forecast. But, all my efforts are to no avail...winter has yet to be seen.

I know what you may be're a teacher, and just want a free day off. Well, in all honesty, that is how I start the winter season. Holding on to the off chance that I will wake up to a blanket of snow and a school closure posting on my television. But, as winter lingers on without much more than a snowflake, my perception changes. I wouldn't care if it snowed on a Saturday or Sunday, I just want a true winter storm. I am a full-blooded snow fan, and feel extremely cheated by mother nature when I am unable to fully experience the season. Richmond doesn't hesitate in providing us with beautiful flowers in the spring, hot sticky summers, and breath-taking fall foliage. But, snow? Oh, no...that is just too much.

I am tired of listening to the news and hearing, "you warm weather fans will enjoy this week," "it looks as if the storm will remain north and west of town," or "expect winter precipitation south of Interstate 95". Seriously? Is there a bubble looming over Richmond that protects us from snow, sleet, and even freezing rain? I am beginning to feel like I am old, because I catch myself saying "do you remember the great blizzard of '96?" It is incredible, but so many of my students don't even know what a real snowfall is like because we haven't had one since they have been born!

So, what is one to do, other than vent my frustrations on this blog, secretly curse mother nature and every weather forecaster (despite the fact they are just doing their job)? Well, I have until the first week in March before I totally lose hope...maybe, just maybe winter will decide to make an appearance.

Check out this seems as if I am not the only one who is noticing the absence of winter...
Look at the comments under the "Ups and Downs" blog post. Someone submitted a link to a Style Weekly article from another snow lover's perspective.

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