Monday, February 16, 2009

What HE said

Those who know me are aware of my deep love for philosophical discussions. I wish I could have them more, but the ones I do have tend to leave me thinking for a long time. Justin has said many times that "technology has surpassed our humanity". When he first said it, I just agreed and moved on...maybe because I spend much of my day with the purest form of humanity...children. After lots of thinking and processing he is right...but, I'd like to add a twist. I think technology has brought us closer together and further apart. Technology such as email, Facebook, blogs, etc. have helped to keep us in touch with friends and family, and reconnect with friends lost. In that way I would give technology a good pat on the back. But, with it I see the downside. Because we can email, or get updates about friends on Facebook statuses or blogs, do we take the time to write letters, make phone calls, or visit as much in person? I would lean towards no, because I am as guilty as the next person. For example, a friend from work came up to me (awhile ago) and said "I had no idea you were in a car accident, until I read it on your blog!"

On the radio, I heard that contacts are being developed with built-in televisions. Not only that, but they will be able to manipulate our emotions to feel what the characters are feeling. Seriously? Do we need artificial means to control our emotions? Have we separated ourselves so much from what is "real" that we risk losing what makes us human?

I decided to take a stand. Not against technology, because I still embrace it, but I am determined to nurture my human side. Within a month time period (realistic goal) I will write a letter, make a phone call to a long lost friend, and visit with someone I have not seen in awhile.
I challenge you to do the same.

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