Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Light

Chasing the Light

If I were a moth
I'd fly to the light
that I see within you
It's the only light
I know that
will never singe
my delicate wings.

-Liz Flynn
Grade 10

From: Ten-Second Rainshowers

I hate the fact that I know my past still brings me down. I know there is still a fear in my heart that boils to the surface every now and then. While I am aware of its presence, I am unable to pacify the feelings. I hold these fears close to my heart and in the back of my ever-wandering mind. But, there are times when that light shines through. I was confronted with one of my latent fears, and it brought about hope and an immense amount of comfort. The words exchanged put my queasy heart to rest. One of these days I know that my past experiences will no longer influence my present. He has proven, time and time again, that he won't "singe MY delicate wings".

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