Monday, July 14, 2008

So this is how it feels...

I have written many posts about my trials and tribulations of dating. It was hard getting back into the dating scene after my separation and divorce. I felt like a fish out of water, still trying to figure out what was missing. The men that I dated were other way to say it. Some worse than others, but each time I felt like finding that someone I could connect with would be impossible.

I had pretty much sworn off dating when I received an email from a past doula client with a subject line reading "I want to introduce the two of you". The email said, "I just had the 2 of U, POP in my head @ the same time, while I was dosin' off just now ! PLEASE give the other a few e-mail's back & forth @ least !"

I had never been fixed up before, so I was pretty hesitant. But, since I had never been fixed up, I thought I would give it a shot. I was pretty surprised...actually, really surprised. Our first date was on a Sunday, I thought it would be a dinner thing and that would be it...but we ended up playing pool until the place closed. The conversation was incredible, and I felt those butterflies that I thought had disappeared. We have been dating ever since...

While this is a new relationship with so much more to learn about each other, I feel like I have already been taught many things. I now know what was missing...missing from my marriage, and my subsequent dating experiences. Being with him has made me realize what I should have been looking for the entire time. There are aspects of our relationship such as open and honest communication, respect, understanding, and trust that (upon pondering) were absent in my past relationships entirely. So now I know how it feels...when the "walls" come down.
Ironically, my client's new beginning also led to my own.

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