Friday, July 11, 2008

The Celebration of an Introvert

While I know that I am an introvert, and appreciate that aspect of my personality, I have always been a little envious of extroverts. I appreciate their ability to strike up conversation with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. It actually amazes me...But, I recently read an entry on a birth blog about a book called "The Introvert Advantage". While I do not have the book, I did some research for articles that may summarize the is part of one of the summaries I found...

"Granted, extroverts are in the majority, but sixty percent of the intellectually gifted, including Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, are introverts. A society run by introverts wouldn't be such a bad place: it would probably have shorter workdays, more emphasis on contemplation, less interpersonal conflict, greater scientific advancement, and leaders who actually reflect upon the long-term effects of their decisions before they make them".

Hmmm...sounds pretty darn good to me! So today, I am going to do a little introvert celebrating! :)

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