Sunday, June 22, 2008

Duel Blogging

Please understand that my blog is meant for a variety of things. I use it to talk about my joys, recent events, my work, passions, and occasionally to vent. I have always been more comfortable as a writer than a speaker.

Well, I wrote a while back about someone that wrote a blog entry on their MySpace page about me, basically cutting me off as a friend because I wasn't returning phone calls (the friendship was briefly mended). I am the first to admit, I am terrible with calling. I am not sure why, because I think about it and my friends pretty much every day, but I get so consumed in life's little tasks that I do not call as much as I should. But, with that being said, this person it not one of my close friends. I think that he wanted more out of the friendship than I wanted. For various reasons, we would never work out together, and I think my opinion on that left him a little more bitter.
It seems fairly hypocritical that I am writing a blog when that is what bothered me, but at the same time, this is where I lay my emotions to rest.

Anyway, he struck again, this time deeper. I know that I should ignore it, and not let it bother me, but my heart is pretty sensitive, and things like this hurt. He did not use my name in the entry, but it still feels like he put me on display to publicly humiliate me. Why not send it in an email? If he really needed to get all these feelings off his chest, then do so...I understand that, but why in a blog entry where he states that he knows I am probably going to read it (I keep up with all my friend's blogs).

Here is a brief exert from the lengthy entry:

"It sucks, but the way she handled it made it very clear the value she places on our relationship, whatever is left of it. She won't return my phone calls, won't respond to texts, etc. She was full of excuses a couple of months ago about being busy; I just hope I never get 'too busy' to not return my friends' phone calls".

Those who know me, know what type of person I am. My close friends have always remained next to me, without even a question as to the quality of our relationship. I may be terrible at calling, I may be delinquent in answering emails, and I may be "busy" but, I am not a person who does not care. I am not a person that hurts someone else in order to make myself feel better. I am sorry that he felt the need to write, and I hope that now he feels better, and finds the peace he desires.

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