Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Hopeless Romantic

A recent conversation got me thinking...

I want to preface this post by telling a story...when I was teaching kindergarten, a student asked "Miss Pack, what is the thing you wanted most as a little girl?" I thought about this question, and remembering my obsession with Cinderella, I said "to find my prince charming." Weeks later, the same little boy colored and cut out a picture of a prince, and said "I just wanted to make sure that you would get your prince charming." Of course, I melted.

I have never lost my desire or hope to find my prince. My dating and marriage history has been pretty disastrous to say the least. I truly have every reason to swear off the process of finding a soul mate, but I haven't. I sometimes wonder what keeps me going, and what makes me think that there is someone out there perfect for me. I KNOW what I want, but knowing and achieving are two different things. I can be such a wuss at times, but I have never been afraid to put my heart out there time and time again. I am a risk-taker when it comes to dating. I am willing to at least try, and see what happens. Sometimes, a wonderful relationship can be lurking under one's nose, or waiting around the next corner, and ignoring it could be yet another missed opportunity.

As the saying goes..."it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before". I agree fully. Remembering those feelings of first meeting someone, and the happiness of a new relationship, aides in my determination and drive. Not all relationships are going to be good, but the end result has the potential to be so magical. I would rather try, and get hurt time and time again, rather than never experience the emotions of love and intimacy.

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