Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding Blues

I am eternally blissful about my future husband and the beautiful life we will have.
I am excited about having an intimate wedding and ceremony designed just for the two of us.
Mostly, I am thrilled that he wants to be part of the whole process.

But, I am sad and discouraged about the price of everything. It is amazing to me that such an important and memorable day for a couple is blanketed by expense just because it can be. I am focused on what is most important, intense on cutting corners, and conscience about every cost saving measure, but the sheer amount is stifling.

How does one have a beautiful and perfect wedding with guests on such a tight budget? It feels like every time I cut down on one expense it creates a bubble effect in another. I doubt that I can do it without the help of friends and family, but I hate to ask anyone. When it comes to a wedding, I want guests to come together and celebrate, not come together and work. But, I just can't seem to balance everything out.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to cut costs? What are your opinions on asking for help? How to you negotiate price when you lack all negotiating skills?

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patience said...

my total wedding was a friend and family affair due to a very tight budget! almost 500 guests and we had $3500, for everything...granted that was 11 years ago, but still. almost everything was done by friends and family from food, to invitations, to photography, to favors, etc.

I'll admit, it was hard to ask and I had a lot of the same concerns but in the end people really wanted to love us by being included in our day. They were thrilled to have something to offer was a simple event too but it fit us at the time and was so very sweet.

you'll find your way aim! it will be amazing because what you have is very real and worth celebrating!