Monday, April 27, 2009

The Journey of Self Exploration

I have throughout my life examined and reexamined who I am and my feelings on pretty much every issue. I have tried to analyze what about my past or previous experiences has lead me to where and who I am today. But, there are some issues about myself that remain foggy and unknown. Without specifically discussing the current issue I am battling, I would rather have someone else's opinion or guidance on the greater matter at hand.

How do you know if what you are feeling is a true part of your personal morale, or an illustration of your insecurity? Everyone has their own insecurities and that may affect how we handle or deal with situations. But, what if the issue bothers you so much that it makes your toes curl and your stomach nauseous? In my mind, I would have to believe that this is a true issue for which I feel strongly about. It is something, while maybe attached to past experiences, still weighs heavily on my heart. Of course, the flip side to this could be that I am more self concious than even I realize and it manifests itself in this particular issue.

Is there a sign, or a way to tell the difference? How do I know if it is a part of me that I should not feel bad expressing, or if it is something I need to explore to begin healing from within.


Jennifer said...

I love your picture that perfectly captures your feeling. The only thing I know is that when it is something you truly need to explore it won't let you ignore it...that is when the voice inside starts getting louder.

patience said...

*sigh*, i have no answers as i have the very same problem...jennifer is wise...i think as i get older some things are becoming clearer, i'm less in my head and a little more in my heart. this is a feat, let me tell you! i think your gentle spirit will always call to you to reflect. peace as you find your way, lord knows, we are all finding our way...