Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's that Time of the Year

I am so in love with the holiday season. This time of the year makes me feel so warm and at peace. I gaze at my Christmas tree every time I walk by it. I always think that my tree is more perfect and beautiful every year (even though I am quite sure it is always the same). I light candles in my house daily that fill the air with a comforting scent. I start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. Not because I am in some sort of time crunch, but because I truly want an entire month to enjoy the decorations.

I hate shopping which is probably the only downside to the holiday, but I enjoy giving presents. It is probably the only time of the year when I am mildly content visiting stores and braving longer than usual lines. My favorite part of the gift giving is the wrapping. There are few things I find more enjoyable than wrapping a present and tying it with a ribbon or bow. While I am often criticized for my "tough to unwrap presents" (I use way too much tape), I still wrap each gift with the same amount of attention and detail...OCD? :)

It is also the time of the year when I am most happy to be a teacher of young children. They bring the spirit of the holiday season to the surface. I love watching their faces as I read classic Christmas stories such as my personal favorite "The Polar Express". While I have been fielding the "is Santa real" questions since December 1st (the official start of Christmas if you are in first grade), I still bask in each day and feel rejuvenated under their excitement.

There are so many aspects to this time of the year I wish I could harness and bring to the other eleven months. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution (see previous posts for my feelings on resolutions). I will light candles more...decorate for other with less animosity...the possibilities are endless. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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