Sunday, February 10, 2008

Filtering through your dreams

I have always believed that one can learn a lot from their dreams. What one thinks in a subconcious state says a lot about what a person is feeling, or what worries are plaguing someone in their life. I sleep very heavy, and rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, I look them up in my dream dictionary. Of course, the analyzation of dreams is a tricky thing, because how do you really know if the definition is an accurate one. Well, I put all the pieces of my dream (from Tuesday night) together and this is what it said...
  • There is an aspect of myself that is unknown, and I am looking for wisdom and knowledge.
  • I need to understand and deal with my emotions, cleansing away the past.
  • I had difficulties confronting a situation or relationship, unable to take charge.
  • Part of my life is out of balance.
  • I have unfinished or unresolved issues, and my last relationship awakened those issues.

Regardless of whether the people are correct or not in their interpretation, I do see a close resemblence to what my dream said and what was going on in my life when I had the dream. Sleep has always been a good thing for me, and each night when I go to bed, my subconciousness must be sorting through the anxieties in my head. I do feel much better after confronting my issues head on, and taking charge of my life maybe my own self always knows what's best, I just need to listen.

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