Sunday, November 16, 2008

In the Womb

Through he multitude of readings I have done on birth and fetus development, I have always been amazed at what a baby "learns" in the womb. Language development begins, a baby can "listen" and possibly later recognize music played frequently, and can find comfort in the voices of his or her parents. While I know that much of a child's personality is genetic, I have always been curious whether a mother's attitude or outside experiences while pregnant influences the baby's personality. For example, a mother going through emotional times while pregnant may have a very needy child, or an extremely active mother may have a baby that is strong and independent, while a laid back mother may have a baby that is easy going and more accepting of change. So, when one wants a question answered, where do they turn? To the wealth of information resting at my fingertips on the web.

The information I found was not plentiful, but was interesting. Even the studies on animal development were intriguing, such as that if a male mouse is positioned between two female mice in the womb then he tends to have a higher sex drive than if he were between two males. As for humans, it is fairly common knowledge that a woman's stress affects her pregnancy, but to what degree? Other than the potential health factors, it can also lead to a baby developing a level of receptors that make them more susceptible to stress later in life. Also, stress during pregnancy can lead to learning problems and anxiety issues.

But, other than stress, I didn't find much research on personality. I truly believe that there is a connection between a mother's personality during pregnancy and the influence it has on a fetus developing everything, including their own little personality. Is there anyone out there that has read or heard of anyone studying this phenomenon that could enlighten me? Even better, any mothers who believe the personalities of their children match their personality during pregnancy?

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